Application of Optics That We Didn’t See Coming!

Call it a need for the technology to address the growing demand in the field of optical illusions, gadgets and more or the bright ideas of the innovators wanting to introduce something new to the world – the optics have emerged with time. Before we emerged with the new gadgets we were served with technologies that defined enhanced use of optics for a variety of products leading to a more fulfilling experience today.

The growth of optic usage over varied sectors of the tech industry has grown. We are in a time when new optical lenses, technology and its uses are evolving for enhanced new experiences.

Here is  some of the application of optics that we didn’t see coming!

Laser pointers

The optical lenses with sharp use of lights and ability to display varied images turned the world around when laser pointers were introduced. These mini-pen like devices streamed a light ray into projecting across screens, opaque substances and more as a plaything. While it was fun for the kids and adults alike to experience the beauty of the devices, it was also a threat to multiple army and aircraft industries for safety concerns.


While LEDs were introduced as a glass for the electronics and indicators, the use of it evolved with the introduction of LEDs on screens. Displaying great quality pictures with excellence, the LEDs have redefined the TV, PCs and mobile viewing experience. But what we didn’t see coming is the addition of LEDs into clothes for displaying art and colours. The videos can now be played on LED dresses.

Cameras and lenses

Optical innovations have always changed the way photography and imagery of various gadgets is perceived. With time the new challenges overseeing the technology mustered into providing for great quality lenses that match the needs of the cameras and related devices today. The DSLRs and phone camera with light weight yet excellent photography was made possible through diffractive optics and microlens. With emerging optical industry and its usage in variety of gadgets for healthcare, automobile etc industry, it’s but a surprise watching new accessories and gadgets that facilitate photography.

Automobile gadgets

The autonomous automobile accessories were introduced with addition of optical lenses in the varied facets of the gadgets. Be it the in-built LED screens for GPS tracking and sound parking or the use of rear view mirrors and other gadgets that surround usage. We didn’t see it coming!

Lenses have altered the gadgets and its use and are up for a surprise one gadget at a time!

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