Computer Vision: How You can Use It for your Packaging Needs

In the packaging industry, computer vision is making a significant impact. It is increasing packaging quality, driving efficiency, reducing waste, and saving money. A lot of brands that consider this technology are looking to improve the experience of their customers and increase their sales. This technology refers to the ability of the computer to identify information from images, the real world, and videos. While it can be a newer technology, a lot of industries can benefit from it. Below are some ways to put this technology to work to give your packaging workflow more value:

Identifying Packaging Colors and Finding Inspiration

Computer vision is capable of identifying colors through a cell phone camera. Before you start your packaging process, capture colors to inspire the color palette of your packaging. A lot of applications use computer vision on the camera to recognize the closest that will help you check out inspiring colors on various materials when you buyboxes, create a palette, and share it with your packaging team.

Allowing Proofreading and Maximizing Efficiency

With computer vision, the jobs of your packaging proofreaders are made easier. The technology reduces the number of errors that make it to the market. Your proofreaders spend hours searching for inconsistencies. The technology lets them save time and lots of headaches.

Ensuring Print Quality

Computer vision can also be used to ensure quality from the first stages of package printing. It scans the package pixel-by-pixel and treats the entire surface from the logo to the background color and typeface. The technology examines the images and looks for flaws. It compares the package to the digital prototype and finds errors within seconds. Combining error detection with process control allows operators to adjust in real time.  As a result, they will be able to create higher-quality prints and less waste one every print run.

Improving Customer Experience

Computer vision lets applications to recognize products by their packaging. This allows consumers to see a product wherever they are and buy it right away. There are consumer-facing apps out there that can identify products on a physical retail shelf, on the kitchen counter or wherever the day takes a shopper.

Product packages with a company logo, text, and colors can be easily recognized by computer vision applications. This means that the product inside the packaging is more likely to end up in a shopper’s cart or on their shopping list. It is important for brands to produce packaging that is easily identifiable to consumers and by computer vision to boost their preferred position.

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