What are the Measures You can Take Right Now to Improve Your Rankings?

If you are a small business, it becomes hard to make public know about your product. And you also feel frustrated to not know how to compete against the players in the market. Now as you have landed on this page, let us acquaint you with an important aspect of online marketing, SEO. Having no knowledge of SEO, you can still drive traffic to your website. It may take a while to get good rankings, but a little investment of time and efforts everyday will make it easy and quick. Here are the things you can do to improve your rankings, as suggested by an SEO company in Singapore.

  1. Image optimization

It may make no sense to include images, but it surely empowers your website content or blog. Images help in luring in potential leads and help the users process the information easier and faster. Just inserting an image or two on your blog is not enough. Ensure to use ALT tags to all the images you have put to place proper keywords. It helps Google spiders to crawl and index them which makes it easy for the users to use it.

  1. Work on your blog

A blog embed to your website doesn’t only harbor the keywords that matter, but it also deems you as a trusted and knowledgeable pro in your field. It has been noticed that long form posts perform better than shorter posts. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on shorter posts. Using differing length of your posts will make your blog interesting to a variety of readers.

  1. Keep your blog interesting and engaging

When you write the posts, ensure the topic is relevant to the industry you work in and the content must be interesting as well. The biggest benefit you can score by blogging is engagement. Writing for your readers rather than Google will bring in more attention from the readers which leads to more engagement. Online engagement helps in gaining online recognition for your brand and then helps you gain more leads. If people love your blog and leave comments, Google notices that too and improves your site ranking in no time.

  1. Always add https to your URL

You need to pay attention to this very component of URL. If your website has an HTTP rather than an HTTPS, then it signifies to the users and the search engines that your site is not secure. This drives away users in no time and you may get less traffic from this too.

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