Design Tips For A Successful Website 

If you’re working on developing your website on your own, it can be difficult to know which elements of your design matter more than others.  The ultimate goal is always to draw in as many viewers as possible, and the specifics of your design make quite an impact on the turnout.  

Start educating yourself with a little light research.  Here is a brief overview of a few design tips that will help you build a more successful website and draw more interest in your purpose.  

Build an easy to use website

Crafting a design that is easy to understand and manipulate will give users a special incentive to engage.  Simple navigation should be at the top of the list of easy to understand design elements to include in your website.  

A stationary navigation bar is familiar and highly usable for visitors.  This senior living facility offers a great visual example of a stationary navigation setup, so you can see just how simple this design is for anyone to use.  

Add a blog section to your site

Building a compelling blog collection can be a powerful asset for your website design.  People love to learn, and a blog is a great tool for teaching.  

Craft blog posts that make sense and are in context with the purpose of your website.  For instance, you wouldn’t want a blog about boating on a site that sells bicycle tires.  

Incorporate social media sharing

Social media is a grand outlet for your site’s visibility online.  Linking your content to social media gives your pages a better chance of being seen by interested users.  

Social media sharing buttons will give the people who love what they see on your pages the chance to share it with others who also might love it.  

The tiny icons can be quite productive in drumming up some extra traffic for your website when they’re placed in the right strategic locations throughout your design.  

Learn about the call to action

Adding several well-placed call to action appeals throughout your website design is also a good move.  If you want people to spend more time exploring your website, you need to encourage them to get involved.  

A good call to action engages that impulse to click.  For example, “click here” and “take a closer look” can both be used as linking phrases to draw visitors into a new area of your website.  

Apply the concepts of SEO 

Search engine optimization skills will help you to design a website that is more visible online.  There are thousands and thousands of websites online, and you have to be decent at your SEO skills to stand out amidst the competition.  

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